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Nsengiyumva Shubi
Problem: The attached document is the essay that I'm working on instruction is above here Unit One Essay: Narrative Essays, or Telling Stories for a Purpose By the end of this unit, you will have practiced considering how your personal opinions and experiences affect your response to literature. The poems and short stories read and discussed in this unit share similar themes: they deal with personal choices and decisions. In your essay for Unit One, you will also reflect on a time you had to make a choice, and compose a narrative essay based on that decision. Narratives vs Narrative Essays In ENGL 1102 you will read a variety of narratives, or stories, written for a variety of intents: to inform, entertain, persuade, or simply as works of art. Narrative Essays, however, are different, as you may remember from your ENGL 1101 textbook. Narrative essays are essays in standard essay format (thesis statements within the introduction paragraph and supporting evidence in the body paragraphs) but they use stories to prove the thesis statement. In this case, the narrative, or story, is used within the body paragraphs to prove the topic sentences. When you share your story in this assignment, do not forget that you are sharing it for a purpose: to prove your thesis. For this assignment, you may pick from the following topics and narrow it specifically to suit your content and focus. Write a narrative essay in which you tell the story of a time in which you acted perhaps nobly, possibly naively, like Sammy in Updike's "A&P." Would you make the same decision given the same opportunity again? Why or why not? Roethke's My Papa's Waltz" can be interpreted a few ways; have you had an experience where you've been misunderstood or where you've misunderstood someone else or the world around you? Write a narrative essay about this misunderstanding and how it led to a better understanding later. Life is full of choices, as both the speaker and the pool players demonstrate in Brooks' "We Real Cool." Write a narrative essay in which you tell the story of a good choice you made and its results in your life and the lives of others. Requirements Length: Your narrative essay should be 475-525 words. With this large word span, you should not go over or under this limit, so choose your topic wisely and edit your essay effectively. Formality: This is a personal essay, so a first person narrative style is acceptable; second person is not. If you'd like to practice writing about the work of literature, you may write frame your narrative essay as a reader-response, including references to the work of literature in the writing prompt. Do remember that this is a college-level essay, so it should be written at that level of academic formality. Colloquialisms and slang should be used sparingly and only within dialogue should you choose to include dialogue between characters. MLA: Standard MLA format applies to this essay. The heading and page format must comply to MLA format. No additional research is required or expected in this essay. If you add references to the work of literature in the writing prompt, it must be cited accurately.
ENGL 1102
Shamsuddin Sameer
Problem: Unit Three Essay: Literary Analysis with One Primary Text and Secondary Sources Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to analyze a reading while incorporating secondary source research. Your main goal is to come up with a sharp, analytical thesis. You are expected to rely heavily on your textbook to supply you with specific information regarding literary elements. The textbook contains information regarding character analysis, plot structure, theme, etc, in addition to information regarding literary terminology and sample student essays. Comments on your Unit Two essay should also help you improve your work. Any questions that you have should be posted on the discussion board as soon as possible. Requirements and Options: You may choose from any of the literary works we have covered: "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "Araby" by James Joyce, "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" by Joyce Carol Oates, "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" by Katherine Anne Porter. Or, you may choose from any of our additional recommended readings: "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin, "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver," "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan, and "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor. However, you must choose a different text from what you chose for your Unit Two Essay; this gives you 8 literary works from which to choose. (Students who write the U3 essay on the same story as the U2 essay will earn zeros.) Your completed essay must be 900 - 1500 words (about 3 - 5 pages) in MLA format. (See Course Syllabus for formatting instructions.) Some students' essays may be longer, which is OK. Essays that do not meet the minimum word count are considered incomplete work. You must include research from a minimum of two scholarly secondary sources, which you located through GSU library resources. It is a requirement of this assignment that you locate peer-reviewed scholarly articles through the GSU subscription databases. Excellent GSU library databases to use include JSTOR, Academic Search, Literary Reference Center, and ProQuest. Those sources must be cited in proper MLA format throughout the essay (parenthetical citations) and in a Works Cited page. Your essay should show evidence of an in-depth research process and clear understanding of introducing, blending, and citing research material. Your essay should have a sharp, analytical thesis at the end of the introduction. Each body paragraph should have a clear claim and be well-developed with primary and secondary source evidence. Your essay must include a Works Cited page (page 4 or later). See the bottom of p. 1648 for how to write a Works Cited entry for a journal article located through a scholarly database. See the bottom of p. 1644 for how to write a Works Cited entry for an article, story, or essay from an anthology. Your essay should be as well-organized and polished as these two samples: U3 Sample Student Essay U3 Sample Student Essay 2 Please note that we are using the MLA version in your textbook, the MLA 7th edition (see p. 1641); a new edition came out just recently, but we are using the 7th edition in this course. Your best GSU library research guide: 1102 Library Research Guide for Online Students My students often have good luck with JSTOR and ProQuest. Be sure to download the PDFs of full-text articles so you can properly view the page #s that you need for your citations. Textbook Research Resources: Example research essays on p. 1550, 500, 951 Chapter 10A, Writing a Research Essay on Fiction p. 500-530 Chapter 19A, Writing a Research Essay on Poetry p. 951-958 Appendix II, MLA 7th edition, p. 1641
ENGL 999
Lauren Mulvihill
Problem: I have a restaurant review for my English 1101 class, and I want to make sure my paper makes sense an my thesis and topic sentences were easy to find and comprehend. Here is my essay...... No Mas! Cantina left me wanting Mas! No Mas! Cantina is a great way to spend a night out for the atmosphere, shops and of course the food and drinks. This restaurant is fun, inviting, and great for all ages. The dress wear is casual but not too casual. No Mas! Is located roughly eight minutes away from centennial Olympic park. I came here with my family, which was about twelve of us all together, five of which were children under the age of ten. We did make reservations which was super simple. They had the table set up and everything when we arrived. No Mas! Cantina is located on walker street in downtown Atlanta. As we arrived at the restaurant my gps kept saying we had arrived and I was very confused because you almost miss it. On our second drive around the block, at last there it was! It offers valet only to the parking lot directly behind it for two dollars, or you could spend your time driving around the nearby blocks looking for parking. We took the two-dollar parking! As you walk in your greeted with music that makes you want to instantly start dancing. The colors were bright blues and yellows and the designs on the walls really made it feel like I was in a small Mexico City on vacation. The beautiful lights of all colors and plants hanging from the walls and ceilings really bring you in. The shop at No Mas! Cantina, which were located right when you walk in, offers any and everything you would have ever seen in a Mexican restaurant or straight out of Mexico City. They sell everything from furniture, lighting, and my favorite, handbags! Everything in their store is hand crafted so it gets a little pricey. One of their small all leather hand bags was about two hundred and eighty dollars. A little on the high side for me. Every piece is different and unique and they take pride in that from what the store clerk told me. As we were taken to our table were led up the stairs to the top part of the restraint which had windows all over to overlook some buildings and the community, and look down at the rest of the restaurant. It was extremely crowded so I was surprised that they had our table ready on time. The table already had cups of water and bowls of chips and salsa waiting for us. The waiter was dressed in all black, black pants and black button up wasted no time telling us about their extravagant alcohol menu. They have a menu with about fifty plus different tequila drinks. They also have your everyday sodas and water and serve coffee. I ordered the No Mas! Margarita which was around nine dollars and it also came with a tall about 2-foot cup that you get to take home for five more dollars. I was in heaven I really was starting to feel like I was out on vacation! As we waited on our drinks we ordered two Queso Loco cheese dips, which was thirteen dollars. My drink arrived in about five minutes after ordering the appetizers. The drink was tangy with that bit of salty trim and the bite of tequila and lime! Perfect! Right after the drinks came the appetizer arrived. I have never had anything better in my life. The mix of all the meats and the thick, gooey, dripping bowl of cheese filled with chorizo, steak, and fajita chicken outdone with Pico de Gallo. Every bite you take is different! As we were indulging ourselves in cheese the waiter came around about fifteen minutes later. Which Is a little more than I would have wanted to wait. But the atmosphere and the Spanish music playing left room for some wait time. My boyfriend and I decided to share the steak fajitas for one which was nineteen dollars. As we waited on our food I see our waiter turn the corner with a steaming plate and I know it’s mine! My mouth began to water just smelling the fresh cooked steak and the peppers and onions all mixed together. I have never had a steak that just melted in my mouth before. The meat fell apart with every bite I took! No Mas! Cantina is one of a kind and I highly suggest going for dinner soon!