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ENGL 1101
Ashlyn Lummus
Problem: I would usually never want to branch for a different Tex-Mex restaurant other than Moes Southwest Grill, but I decided to see what the hype was about with Chipotle Grill. While not being your average fast food restaurant Chipotle began to be the new hot spot for a quick bite. Reading the reviews online I think majority of the few star ratings are present due to people not bothering to write a review. Reading through them you would read that it wasn’t offered properly or had dirty spots. But if you think about your experience in general, it’s the best fast food, by taste and quality. I visited the Chipotle right by my house in Canton, Georgia. As soon as I walked in all I smelt was the fresh veggies and cilantro. The restaurant had dimmed lighting with a unique archestructure and atmosphere. It had huge windows all around which I am sure gives off a lot more light during the day but I was here after sunset. Everything was very simple, the tables were basic silver tables, had simple lights hanging down, all the colors were neutral, and the overall feeling was very comfortable and relaxed. I walked to the starting spot of the assembly line that had a smiling worker waiting on the other side of the glass. I stood back to read the brief menu hanging above our eye sight noticing that there were really just options of what shell you wanted, taco, bowl, or a burrito. It was a quick build your on type deal. I decided to go with a bowl, the worker laid out a brown bowl that looked very different from paper looking. I could tell it was a a fully compostable bowl by its texture and color. Through the line you start out with choosing what rice, beans, and meat you want even giving us the option of lettuce. The next “station” is your veggies, salsa, sour cream, and cheeses. It seemed there was a substitute for every item for someone that had a food allergy or liking. I was paying close attention to each food item sitting in its pan and each looked so freshly made. All the salsas had vibrant colors offering a mild, medium, hot, and even a corn salsa with fresh cilantro cuts in it. Just by looking at their food items displayed right infront of you, you can tell how fresh it truly was. I went with white rice, steak, sour cream and their famous corn salsa on top. Although in the past they never have had queso, which gave Moes the upperhand in that area, I tried some of their guacamole and chips for an extra cost of $1.80. Rumors are they are working on making a queso that meets all of their food requirements but is not yet put out for tasting. I got to the cash register to look up to see their drink menu and was so shocked at how broad it was! They offered different sorts of liquors and beers you would most likely get in Mexican restaurants and even kids bottled sodas you don’t normally see in restaurants. I went for a regular fountain drink and quickly checked out at a total of $8.64. I headed over to the drink station that sat alongside their tabasco options and silverware. I went and sat starting to eat my meal while still observing things going on around me until I noticed I was totally just zoned out eating my bowl. The atmosphere was so laid-back, even at a busy hour I was able to sit there and enjoy my meal while it wasn’t crazy loud and hectic. The taste of the food was so good and fresh it was almost even pure. Being under the “fast food” category, Chipotle definitely stands its place at the top. From the fast service to the food tasting all the way to serving sizes and prices, Chipotle exceeds every expectation you would hold. With their prices being around $7 or $8 dollars per person, depending on what you get, you will never leave there hungry. Their serving sizes are more than enough for a dinner and will fully fill you up for lunch sending you home with leftovers. I have never heard any negative experience with Chipotle from anybody I know and now I see why. Their areas were very clean, they held a fast pace service, the food is always cooked properly and given fresh, and the prices are more than fair for what you are getting. I will always recommend Chipotle as a go to eating spot. I am more than pleased with my whole experience here with the food, atmosphere, cleanliness, and prices. Chipotle is now my go to before Moes!
ENGL 1101
Shantescika Wade
Problem: Hello, I am a student of English class 1101, and I am seeking tutoring for my first essay which is based on a restaurant review of a restaurant i visited. I would like to know if i organized my essay correctly. If it stayed focused? Was my thesis strong? Did my essay contain enough supporting details? Below is a copy of my essay and i will also attach the essay assignment. The Steak and Shake Restaurant . If you are looking for a great restaurant with delicious food, low prices, and a family-friendly environment; I have the place for you! Me and my family have frequented multiple restaurants in Atlanta; However, The Steak and Shake on Northside drive in Atlanta, Ga is one of family and I favorite spots when we want to enjoy a great meal, in a nice environment, for an outstanding price. First, when entering the Stake and Shake restaurant, one of the first gestures you appreciate upon entering the restaurant, is the warm, friendly welcome you are greeted with by the employees. All the employees both men and woman, were dressed in black pants, a white button-down shirt, and a black apron. The waitresses were attentive and wasted no time guiding us to our table and providing us with menus. While looking around I noticed that the restaurant was small; However, it was not over crowded whatsoever. After being seated, our waitress Provided us with a booster seat for my daughter and she then gave both of my kids a pack of crayons, with activity sheets to keep them occupied. This made my kids excited, and was a “thumbs up to me” from me towards their customer service. As I viewed the menu, I noticed that the prices were extremely low and the options weren’t bad either. They offered meals such as: a triple steak bacon burger, a mushroom steak burger, a jalapeno steak burger, and other steak burgers options served with seasoned fries for the price of 3.99. Unbelievable, right? The menu also offered chicken tenders, Cole slaw, baked beans, mac and cheese and others all under 5.99. There was also a second menu for milkshakes. Steak and shake has a variety of hand-made milkshakes that leave your mind spinning from the numerous options. They had choices that were as simple as banana strawberry and banana chocolate or you could try something more complex, like their frosted flake or caramel turtle. After taking about two to five minutes to decide what we wanted, it took no time for our waitress to be there at our table prepared to take our orders. Me and my spouse both ordered the triple bacon steak burger combo for 3.99; My son wanted hot-dogs with fries and my daughter had chicken tenders with mac and cheese. With a smile on her face, our waitress wrote down our orders and informed us that kid eat free every day. I couldn’t believe it. This means we were going to get four meals for the price of two. This was amazing, yet I thought, “what’s the catch”. It seemed too good to be true. I looked around the restaurant to see if I would see signs of uncleanliness or any signs that would reflect why the prices were so amazing; I then began to search for the food safety score, expecting to see something discerning, yet, there was nothing alarming at all. The restaurant was spic and span, the tables were clean and crumb free, the floors were shiny, and the score was a 99; even still, I felt it was too good to be true. While I procrastinated about what could be wrong with the restaurant, our waitress brought our food to the table. “That was fast.” I said to the waitress, as I eye-balled the entrees. The presentation of our food was magnificent; Our entrees looked exactly like the images on the menus and tv commercials. My burger was true to size, and my kid’s meals were well prepared and finely executed. As I bit into my burger, my heart sunk in. I was overwhelmed with the flavor and moisture of the steak burger. The buns were toasted and soft; the bacon well cooked, and didn’t have that artificial, plastic taste like other a lot of other fast food restaurant’s bacon has and the fries were lightly seasoned and cooked well. Over all I will continue to recommend this restaurant because the Steak and Shake on North avenue gave me a different perspective on fast-food; With their low prices, fast service; great food; excellent customer service, and nice-casual family environment, there is no reason not to love this restaurant.
Quentavious Wheeler
Problem: Hi, I was looking for help with my essay. Assignment: Re-Read your Unit One and Unit Two Essays. Find a literary idea (not your thesis) within that essay's paragraphs that you would like to explore in more depth that relates to a question asked below. Is it a topic sentence? Is it information in your introduction or conclusion about the author's relationship with the work or placing the work within its social context? Now is your chance to take a good idea you've already had about the literature and develop it further. Critique a short story from Chapter 10 or a poem from Chapter 19 after prewriting ideas based on the questions asked below. Your idea should be your unique perspective of the literature within a larger literary scope. Consider the following how/why questions as a prewriting guide. What is the society like within this work of literature? How do these details work as the author's commentary on society? What are the political, social, economic, or religious ideas described within this work of literature? Why does this author choose to write about these ideas within this work? How are gender or family issues portrayed within this work? Why is it significant that the author publishes this work at this time? How are the characters' perspectives of their reality or their mental states revealed as the work progresses? Why is this significant for the work or for the author's time period? In what way(s) is this work typical of the genre? Are there archetypal settings, characters, or plots used? How and why does the author conform to or deviate from the chosen archetypes or genre? Why is symbolism used within this work, and why are these particular symbols effective for the time period? Essay: In his poem "Bad Man", Langston Hughes examines the effects of racism and discrimination on black men in America. The theme of the poem is viewed with prejudice. Black men often become subject to letting those stereotypes become reality. In this poem Hughes was able to convey this theme through the use of various types of imagery, diction, and repetition to show direct correlation between his own life and current issues in society. Hughes inspiration for writing came from Langston feeling sad and alone, he escaped into the wonderful world of stories (Anderson 2013). Hughes wrote from a place of truth, each poem steamed from something going on in society or something he personally experienced. For an example after Hughes dropped out, and his father stopped sending him money. He looked for a job, but time and again he was told, “I didn’t advertise for a colored boy.”  (Hoelscher 2019). At the time blacks were often stereotyped as humble servants, clown like characters, or evil thugs. His poetry spoke truthfully about the African-American experience both the good and the bad. Hughes used his poetry to express his anger. He protested racism and called for America to fulfill the dream of equality for all citizens, white and black (Anderson 2013).    Hughes adopted a number of voices which made his diction become characterized by variety. In the poem "Bad Man" I believe Hughes was in a hurt place but was also speaking to his audience that may be hurting as well. In this poem Hughes uses informal or low diction. For example in the poem he says, “I beats ma wife an’ (Line 7), or “I beats my side gal too” (Line 8). You can tell this is informal diction because of the grammatical error and contractions. The use of this diction shows how Hughes was trying to speak in a way his direct audience would understand the relation to the issues in society at the time.    Furthermore, in the start of the poem Hughes used several examples of imagery to show his point. For example “I’m goin’ to da devil an’” (Line 17) and “I wouldn’t go to heaven if I could” (Line 18). In these lines Hughes used visual imagery. Hughes created a mental image of going to hell instead of going to heaven which gives another mental picture to the topic of the issues he felt negro’s went through. I believe it was sort of like a double imagery that made you look at those lines in two different ways. The speaker also starts the poem with the use of repetition. Hughes says “I’m a bad, bad man” several times throughout the poem and I feel like he used this to emphasis. The interrogative word bad is used seven times to emphasize the bad in society.  Ultimately, with the use various types of imagery, diction, and repetition in his poem “Bad Man”, Hughes was able to show the direct correlation between his own life and some of the issues in society at the time. Hughes calling as an author was to write about negro life in America. “Bad Man” was about a sense of personal loneliness and the difficulty of being both loving and nurturing. This poem along with a lot of Hughes other works was the reflections about life and he represented the voice and soul of all of his people. His poems showed that black people were beautiful and had much to be proud of. His success broke new ground for black writers everywhere. Today nearly 100 years after the Harlem Renaissance began, Hughes’s works are still read and enjoyed and his influence remains strong and his legacy lives on. (Hoelscher 2019).
ENGL 1101
Chandra Brubaker
Problem: Please proof my draft essay not finished with the conclusion. requirements below You--The Food Critic Now that you've read several restaurant reviews written by professional food critics, it's time to write a review of your own! To do this, you'll need to select a restaurant that appeals to you, dine there, and report back to the class on your experience. There's no real requirement about the restaurant you select, except that you cannot eat the food as take-out. You must eat the meal in the restaurant so that you can document your full experience and share it with your readers. You may choose a restaurant that you frequent or take a chance on a new or unfamiliar restaurant. The meal you review is also your choice: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Feel free to go alone to conduct your review or take a companion or group. The benefit of dining alone is that you can absorb the full experience and atmosphere of the restaurant and have adequate time to take notes and document the full experience For this essay, you'll be the primary source of information. Your audience will be relying on your personal, first-hand experience. Therefore, the research for this essay will be conducted directly by you. The restaurant you select and the food served will be your research topic. First person (I, me, my, we, etc.) will be imperative to convey your message and recommendation. Remember to think descriptively about your experience. Successful reviews will engage all five of the senses, so explain to your readers what you see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. (Note also that touch doesn't necessarily stop with what your hands feel; think also about the textures of the food you're eating, as this is an aspect of touch, as well.) The restaurant and its location must be clearly identified within the essay. Pricing should also be referenced in the essay, as well as your opinion on the reasonableness of the restaurant's prices. Many people want to know the Dress Code for restaurants they wish to visit, so consider including this in your review. A suitable, creative title should also be used to inform and engage your readers. Your goal is to paint a clear picture of the restaurant and provide vivid descriptions of the food. Note that saying something is "delicious" tells the reader nothing about the actual flavor, and therefore, words like delicious, tasty, disgusting should be avoided. Instead, think of more concrete, accurate words that might describe your taste experience.Remember that your goal is for your reader to share your experience with you, so try as best you can to recreate in words the sensations you're having while eating the food. While the food quality is important in a restaurant review, factor all other components of the experience into your review as well: the atmosphere of the restaurant, its wait staff, the chef (if you have any firsthand knowledge of him or her), the waiting area for seating, time you have to wait to be seated, parking, and so. Discussion: add a comment Notifications