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ENGL 1101
Reaganne Eddy
Problem: I need some feedback on my essay draft in terms of how to improve my content, structure, organization and anything else that needs improvement. These were the instructions given for the essay: Essay Requirements Length and Organization: For our final essay this semester, you will write a research essay of 750-1,000 words, not including the Works Cited List. The length should indicate the scope of the assignment to you. With such a large span of words available, your essay should not fall short or go over the word count. Since you need to know how to write longer essays for other classes, this essay cannot be a 5-paragraph style essay. You must be able to expand on that style of essay to write longer and more complex ones, so this essay must have a minimum of 6 paragraphs. Topic sentences, transitions, and the introduction and conclusion components will continue to be a focus on this assignment, too. In addition, the balance of research and your own ideas within your essay's paragraphs will be a consideration in this essay. Formality: This is not a personal essay, so you may not use first or second person nor should you include personal experiences within the essay. This is a formal research paper and third person is required. MLA Format and Research: This essay will conform to full MLA format by including the standard heading, in-text citations, and a works cited list. MLA format will count for 10 points on this assignment. See the rubric for more details. The proper format for MLA parenthetical citations is required. The proper format for quotations and for paraphrases is required. You must have a minimum of four sources You must have a minimum of two GALILEO sources. They may all be from the same database (such as Opposing Viewpoints or Academic Search Premier). You must have a minimum of two other reputable online sources, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving instead of someone’s homepage. You may use other credible, legitimate sources as well, as long as you have two GALILEO and two online sources. There must be a balance of information from all sources, and that information must also be balanced throughout the essay. For Essay 2, we discussed the importance of providing a balance of information.