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ENGL 1101
Misty Ratliff
Problem: These are the guidelines for this essay assignment. I know I'm falling short in a few of these areas, but I want to see if I'm at least on the right track. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you! Misty Ratliff --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unit Two Essay: "Heroically Arguing for Your Cause" Your community, city, county, or Georgia in general needs help. Write a formal persuasive essay with research to gain support from the people in your community for your cause. Focus/Purpose: To persuade (Who will support your cause? Who will oppose it? How will more data convince them to help?) Content and Support: 6 paragraphs, minimum. Establish your argument and support it with 4 sources within 600-700 words. Address the needs of your entire audience by including content for those who already support your view and countering the arguments made by those who oppose your view. Idea Organization: Each paragraph must have a topic sentence and supporting details appropriate for the persuasive format. In addition, each paragraph must have one (1) direct quote or paraphrase from a source. Style: Academic, formal paragraph and sentence structure. 3rd person is required. The diction and tone will depend on the narrowed, arguable, thesis. Format/Essay Conventions: The essay must meet all of the requirements for standard introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs in a persuasive structure. MLA: The heading, page formatting, in-text citations, and works cited list must conform to the 8th edition of MLA format. Research Requirements: This essay requires 4 sources. 2 sources must be from GIL or GALILEO. The other 2 can be from academically appropriate websites that give credit to authors by name, and these authors must be experts in a field related to your thesis. No additional sources are permitted. You may use direct quotes or paraphrases within your essay. The in-text citations must include an introduction to your research and parenthetical documentation after your research. No paragraph should contain more than 10-15% research. Your Works Cited list must have full citations for each source. This does not count towards your word count. All research within the essay’s paragraphs and on the works cited list must conform to the 8th edition of MLA format
ENGL 1102
Mileke Davis
Problem: Mileke Davis English 1102 DR. Bruce Philip 4/21/2019 Snap Recipients Discriminated Healthy VS Humiliated Unhealthy Discrimination has been around for hundreds of years. Now unfairness will affect food stamp recipients through restriction of food items. “Discrimination is an unjustified negative or harmful action towards a member of a group simply because the person belongs to that group (King).” Recipients of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) will face unethical issues if a law passes to restrict junk food, steak, and shellfish. Recipients of (SNAP) will go through an immoral injustice, and this ban may cause more harm than good. Perhaps, the Republican’s serious action of banning seafood and steak may cause complicated health issues among snap recipients. Recipients of (SNAP) already struggle financially now they will be humiliated publicly and discriminated against due to restrictions. Republicans try to pass a law to control how food stamp recipients spend while pretending to care about their health which will cause direct and indirect health issues, unfair discrimination, and humiliation. Republicans will humiliate (SNAP) recipients if they restrict them from buying steaks and shellfish and it may cause direct and indirect health issues. Is banning steak, and shellfish healthy or unhealthy? “Friedman school of nutrition explains that shrimp, scallops, crabs, clams and other shellfish are low in fats, but clams, scallops, and crabs have more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids (Gerald J & Dorothy R).” Seafood and shellfish are important for a healthy lifestyle. “Fish and shellfish are important sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3s fatty acids and adults should eat two servings of seafood a week (Szejda).” It’s absurd and an insult to keep foods that are needed for proper body function away from (SNAP) recipients. “Even beef has excellent benefits that burn fats, improves type 2 diabetes glucose levels and cholesterol profile. Beef has rich minerals, master antioxidant like glutathione, and is high in protein, improving muscle mass and prevents iron deficiency anemia. Beef is full of vitamin B12, B3, B6, B2, and B5 and contains a potent amino acid that has several important roles and properties that boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and help prevent lipid peroxidation within cells. Beef contains an acid that improves insulin sensitivity, promoting fat loss and contains a performance enhancer Creatine (Joseph).” These proteins are essential for the body. Republicans know they’re not giving (SNAP) recipients a healthier choice they're discriminating against them. “Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin said that he saw a person on food stamps, buying filet mignon and crab leg and being that he can’t afford it, he doesn’t want them to be able to buy it either (Holloway).” This Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipient was buying a healthy food item until a Republican decided to discriminate against this (SNAP) recipient. Is this what drove and triggered Republicans response? “Republicans in Missouri are now trying to pass a law to restrict (SNAP) recipients from buying junk food, steak, and shellfish (Holloway).” If this law passes, it would be discrimination and humiliation towards (SNAP) recipients. "Recipients of food stamps already eat more virtuously than the rest of society. A 2008 USDA report found that they are less likely than those with higher incomes to consume at least one serving of sweets or salty snacks per day (Philpott).” Evidence shows Republicans know the analysis and statistics of what (SNAP) recipients spend and eat. This ban is really about how to discriminate, humiliate and control (SNAP) recipients. Recipients of (SNAP) may be healthier than the rest of society due to low consumption of junk food. Republicans shouldn’t be worried about (SNAP) recipient’s health; they should be worried about the rest of society unhealthy habits. These restrictions and restraints are offensive, disrespectful and unethical towards (SNAP) recipients. After all this time, why mess with (SNAP) recipients? “There has been no legislative action on food stamps since the food stamp Act of 1977, but last year the house held 16 hearings related to overhauling (SNAP) (Gasparro).” It is why different organizations defended (SNAP) recipients and had positive opinions like M&M makers of Mars, Hershey’s company, Pepsi Inc, and Coca Cola Co. “Georgia Democratic Rep. David Scott said, you can’t deny them their freedoms to make choices without violating their pursuit of happiness and that everyone should be able to enjoy an occasional treat (Gasparro).” A person can have something sweet sometimes as long as they don’t become a habituate of unhealthy food choices. How would Republican’s feel if they wanted candy, soda, or their child needed a birthday cake from the store and they couldn’t buy it due to restrictions? Restrictions wouldn’t be feasible or acceptable if it targeted Republicans. These unethical issues targets a group of (SNAP) recipients which makes Republicans discriminate. Despite (SNAP) recipient’s discrimination and humiliation, they will be hurt directly and indirectly if this law passes. These restrictions will deprive the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients of essential foods that are vital and important for body function. To ban steaks and shellfish is unfair, unethical, unacceptable, unhealthy and a health risk. Recipients of (SNAP) don't have to be treated like children and told what to buy. They deserve to indulge in luxury foods and sweets if they choose to. It is the rest of society that is unhealthy not (SNAP) recipients according to the 2008 USDA report. While Republicans pretending to care about (SNAP) recipient’s health evidence shows the discrimination and humiliation (SNAP) recipients will endure if this law passes. It’s unfair to treat a human being unequal and indifferent due to belonging to a particular group. Why take from (SNAP) recipients when everything else financially has already been taken from them? At least let them eat. Work Cited Galileo Gasparro, Annie; Haddon, Heather. “Congress Debates Use of Food Stamps to Buy Junk Food.” Wall Street Journal; 17 Feb. 2017. P.1. Business Source Complete, Galileo. Global News stream. New Jersey Galileo: Philpott, Tom. “Let Them Eat Junk Food.” Mother Jones; March-April 2014. Vol. 39 Issue 2, p68, p.1; ProQuest Central, Galileo. Research Library. San Francisco. Galileo: J. Gerald; R. Dorothy. “Smart Supermarket Seafood Shopping.” Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter; March 2016. Vol. 34 Issue 1, Special section p1-5. 5p. Atl Health Watch, Galileo. USA. Book: King, A. Laura: Experience Psychology 3rd Edition, USA McGraw-Hill Education Copyright 2017. P. 432 Internet: Szejda, Keri. “Eat More Seafood for Your Health, Right? Actually, It’s Not That Simple.”, 20 March 2017, Internet: Holloway, Kali. “The Truth About Poor People’s Eating Habits Will Surprise You.”, 23 September 2015,
ENGL 1102
Arielle Patterson
Problem: I need some assistance fine-tuning a literary analysis research paper based on the short story by John Updike titled A & P. The paper's topic: - How have critics interpreted the closing words of "A & P," when Sammy admits, "I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter"? What do they thing Sammy means by "hard"? Do they agree or disagree with Sammy's assessment of his own future? How do these responses compare with your own ideas about the story's ending? The feedback that I was provided was: -You're not correctly using internal citations - Give your essay its own title -Thesis, Needs work: -Thesis does not present a critical response to the issue. - No "I" in a literary essay Use active voice, not passive voice sentence construction What elements will you use to prove your claim? -In academic writing, quotation marks are most commonly used to enclose a person's exact words or to enclose the title of a short work such as an article, a short story, or a song. Some writers get confused when they use quotation marks with other marks of punctuation; periods and commas most often go inside quotation marks. -When borrowing ideas and words, writers must also acknowledge their sources. That means writers must document their sources so that their readers can also access them. MLA documentation style includes two parts: in-text citation, which appears within the same sentence as the borrowed material; bibliographic citation, which appears at the end of the work in a Works Cited page. - This shouldn't be numbered. Internal citations must be the author's last name and page number, not a number related to your WC list. The
ENGL 1102
Ashlyn Scott
Problem: Hi! I would love to get some feedback on my essay. It is a historical criticism on the short story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan. I mainly would like feedback/suggestions on my body paragraphs. I worry my argument is not strong enough. Requirements: Focus/Purpose - to analyze and to support an opinion to a primary audience of classmates and instructor and a secondary audience of scholars Content and Support/Elaboration - Your 6+ paragraph essay should be 600-700 words. Each paragraph should include concrete details from the literature as support for the topic sentence, either as an example or an explanation of your point. Each body paragraph should contain research. Idea Organization - Create complete paragraphs (topic, supporting details, transitions) organized as needed to support your ideas in your chosen critique format. Style - Third person writing is required. College-level academic formality is expected as well. Format/Essay Conventions - You may organize this critique in an argument essay structure to support your unique view on the literature. MLA - This essay must conform to 8th edition MLA standards. This includes the heading, the page formatting, the in-text citations, and the full citations after the essay. You will incorporate more research material into your essay in MLA format than you have in prior essays, but the focus of the essay is your argument for your analysis, so the research material should only support your points. Research: THIS ESSAY DOES REQUIRE ADDITIONAL RESEARCH and has ADDITIONAL RESEARCH ASSIGNMENTS. For the final draft, you should have 5 specialized sources in addition to your chosen work(s) of literature for 6 sources minimum on your works cited list. All sources must be cited in proper MLA format throughout the essay and on your Works Cited page. From these six sources, you need to have -at least one book, either from the library or bookstore or an ebook from Netlibrary -at least three GALILEO sources -the remaining sources may be valid, scholarly public Internet sites