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Amber Wilhite
Problem: Re-Read your Unit Two Essay. Find a literary idea (not your thesis) within that essay's paragraphs that you would like to explore in more depth. Is it a topic sentence for another structuralist or new critical critique? Is it information in your introduction or conclusion about the author's relationship with the work or placing the work within its social context? Perhaps you want to write a psychological or feminist or historical or moral critique of the poem or short story instead. Now is your chance to take a good idea you've already had about the literature and develop it further using any critique method in Chapter 25 except Reader Response. I've started on my rough draft, I jus want to ensure the essay is on the right track. A Good Man is Hard to Find" The family is preparing for a trip. Bailey wants to take his wife, baby and, two kids John Wesley and June Star to Florida. Grandmother doesn't want to go there. In efforts to sway him, She mentioned The Misfit, a deadly fugitive criminal on the loose and headed in the same direction. No one takes her seriously. The following morning everyone gets in the car and start their doomful journey. Grandmother harbors an unwelcomed passenger in her bag; Pitty Sing the cat. They did normal things during the trip, like tell stories and play games. They stop for a bite and end up conversing with the owner, Red Samy and his wife. Grandmother talks about how it's hard to find a good man and brings up The Misfit. When they get back on the road Grandmother tells the children about an old plantation she once visited nearby. She entices them with stories of secret panels and treasures. The kids convince Baleiy to take them to visit. They turn onto a dirt road which Grandmother had assured was the right way. After driving for a while, there isn't a plantation in sight. Suddenly, Grandmother remembers that there is no plantation on this road. The estate isn't even in Georgia, its in Tennessee. Startled by her realization, she jerks and "lets the cat out of the bag." Pitty jumps onto Baleiys shouders: consternated, he veers off the road and flips over. No one is seriously injured, The family waits for help, and sure enough, support finds them. Their guardian angel happens to be none other than The Infamous Misfit and his goons. The grandmother is the first to recognize him and tries arduously to convince bim that he is a good man who couldn't possibly want to hurt them. The Misfit orders his henchmen to take Bailey and John Wesley into the woods and execute them: Mother, the baby, and June Star are slain subsequently after. The grandmother is in shock. She is still trying to convince the Misfit that it is good on him and that he should pray to God. The Misfit Legoute2 discloses to her a little about his past and his thought on Jesus. Noticing a moment of vunerability, Grandmother coerced to call him "one of her own children" and reaches out to touch him; A move that accelerates her imminent harrowing death. The Mistfit Callously puts three hot ones in her chest. His goons dump her body in the ditch, reuniting her with her familly. Pitty Sing is the only survivor and is befriended by The Misfit. In light of her Catholic background, Flanerry O'Connor uses southern gothic elements to illustrate themes of good and evil, existentialism, and, the contrast between life and death. The Misfit may seem archetypical of the devil; he seriously questions the purpose of life. Although he may seem an unlikely source for moral guidance, he shows a deep conviction lacking from the other characters of the story. The grandmother assumes to be morally superior to everyone else while the Misfit carefully considers his actions in life and examines his experiences to find lessons within them or an outsider. The dialect between the Misfit and grandmother before he slaughters her is a dual between light and dark. In light of her Catholic background, Flanerry O'Connor uses southern gothic elements to illustrate themes of self-interest, the contrast between life and death, and vehicle of subtle intimations of archetypical and literary symbolism, imagery and foreshadowing to divulge ideas of good and evil in her short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find". The grandmother portrays to be a manipulative and egotistic sinner who ultimately drags her family along to her expiry. The Misfit is exemplary of the devil or an outsider, and The dialect between the Misfit and grandmother before he slaughters her is a dual between light and dark. To begin with, the grandmother is manipulative throughout the whole story. From the beginning, she is portrayed as liking to have her way. She uses her matriarch status to intimidate the others, not with force but rather more subtly. She doesn't want to go to Florida, so she uses the fact that the Misfit is on the loose as a way to deter their trip and go to Tennessee instead, claiming that she has family there. "Just you read it. I wouldn't take my children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it. I couldn't answer to my conscience if I did." (1)
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Kameisha Wade
Problem: Hello. I am looking for a tutor to review my rough draft of my final essay. This is a research essay, meant to be argumentative. I have provided my essay with essentials needed for basic completion. I still plan to continue to tie things all together to make the essay more uniform. I have attached a copy of my essay thus far. Below are the specifications requirements for the essay. This essay assignment asks you to apply what you have learned about Magical Realism from the course content and your own research to one of the four stories (or poems) by Nail Gaiman. These stories bring together realism (or “real life” situations) and the standard elements of fantasy literature (chivalric romance, fairy tale, and/or magic). Choose one of the provided stories and discuss what makes it an example of “magical realism.” Questions you might consider include the following: How is the story based in realism? What sorts of fantasy elements disrupt the realism? Ultimately, why does Gaiman use these elements? What is he trying to say about certain situations in “real life”? Make extensive use of quotes from the story (aim for at least two per body paragraph). Use at least three outside sources (sources besides the stories themselves). For more information on “magical realism,” please refer back to the course content or conduct your own research. In the Works Cited page, you may cite the Gaiman story as follows: Gaiman, Neil. “Title of the Story.” Unpublished document. Page numbers. Observe all rules of academic style/usage. Please include an outline for the essay after the Works Cited page (see page 34-36 in our textbook). Other Requirements: Typed, double-spaced 12 pt. Times New Roman font (or similarly acceptable professional/academic font) MLA format for all in-text (parenthetical) citations MLA formatted Works Cited page (this should not be the Annotated Bibliography) 1000-1500 words (at least three properly-formatted pages)