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Hi I wanted to ask help for my essay. The directions for the essay are as follows: Unit Two: New Critical/Formalist or Structuralist Essay In this Unit, we examine how the elements of the literature beautifully create an artistic whole. What we will not do in this essay, and future critiques, is relate the literature to our experiences as readers anymore. Now we delve into the literature to consider the characters, setting, exposition, and other elements individually, or combined. Your thesis statement should be narrowly focused and unique, so your analysis relates to concepts learned in Part I and Part II of the textbook. Keep in mind that you may develop a minor idea from within this essay for your Unit Three research project, so choose your topic carefully. Read and Review: Pages 21-26 provide a good overview of ideas to consider when brainstorming for this essay. Pages 30-52 provide a refresher on essay drafting if needed. Pages 1571-1573 offer more details and example paragraphs about the New Critical/Formalist essay critiquing format. Pages 1573-1575 offer more details and example paragraphs about the Structuralist essay critiquing format. Each chapter on fiction in Part II and poetry in Part III provides a sample essay that you can review and/or model when drafting this essay. Literature Choices: Choose ONE story from Chapter 1 (Fiction: An Overview) or from Chapter 10 (Collection of Stories for Additional Enjoyment and Study) OR Choose ONE poem from Chapter 11 (Meeting Poetry: An Overview) or from Chapter 19 (Collection of Poems for Additional Enjoyment and Study) Topic Prompts: Choose One Ask yourself a "how" or a "why" question about ONE of the following. Develop your answer as your thesis. a character (or the poem's speaker) the setting, including the historic time period and/or the social or economic condition explored in the details of the story or poem the theme or philosophical, moral, or ethical ideas raised the artistic qualities (see Roberts and Zweig Part II for prose and Part III for poetry) When you look at a work of literature to determine the information it shares and how well it shares it, artistically, you're writing a New Criticism critique. When you look at that same work of literature to figure out how the different components function together, you're writing a Structuralist critique. Requirements Focus/Purpose: to analyze and to support an opinion to a primary audience of classmates and instructor in a document containing 625-725 words. Content and Support/Elaboration: Your essay should be 5+ paragraphs. Each paragraph must include concrete details from the literature as support for the topic sentence, either as an example or an explanation of your point. Each body paragraph must also contain a quote or paraphrase of your research as support. Idea Organization: Create complete paragraphs (topic, supporting details, transitions) organized as needed to support your new critical or structuralist ideas. Style: This is not a reader-response essay, so third person writing is required. College-level academic formality is expected as well. Format/Essay Conventions: You may organize this content in an example, causal analysis, or an argument essay structure. MLA: This essay must conform to 8th edition MLA standards. This includes the heading, the page formatting, and your credits of the literature in the in-text citations and the full citations after the essay. Two additional sources from GIL or GALILEO are expected for this essay. Once you're satisfied with the final draft, submit your essay to the Turnitin drop box within iCollege by the due date provided. The essay will be graded according to the Essay Descriptions and using the Rubrics posted in our iCollege course. I wrote my first draft and I wanted to ask some questions on it. Are there any repetitive words or phrases that I need to get rid of? Are my citations correct? Are there any paragraphs that need more supporting details? Also, my conclusion seems like I rushed it so I think I need to add more to it, but I have no idea what to add. What should I add to my conclusion? Finally, are there any grammatical errors that I need to fix? Thank you
ENGL 1102

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  • Maria Batty (admin)
    July 3, 2019, 11:57 a.m.

    Dear Won jung Jang, Thank you for writing to Athena and especially for including the professor’s instructions—very important! However, you forgot to attach your essay. Please send it, or feel free to bring it into a lab to work with a tutor face to face (we have five locations). Also, handouts are available at https://success.students.gsu.edu/ltc. Click on Handouts on the left, and then Grammar and Writing Handouts. Thanks!

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